Electric Cables & Wires

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Our range of cable and wire is suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications. Our Domestic cable range consists of: Alfix (Surfix) cables, Alvex (flat twin and earth) cable, House wire cable, Illumination cable, Moulded plugs, Silicone cable and Silicone cabtyre. Our low voltage cable range includes Aberdare cable and Top cable.

Our specialised cable range includes: (PILC) cable, (XLPE) cable, Aerial Bundle Conductor, Airfield lighting cable, Coaxial cable, Control cable, data / instrument cable, Equipment cable, Fieldbus cable, Flamosafe range, Flexible cables, Heat resistant cable, Optical fibre cable, Overhead line conductors, Power and control cables, Reeling / lifting cables, rubber insulated, flexible cords, Servo drives cable, Specialised cables, Telecommunication cables, Thermocouple extension cable, UTP and FTP cable.

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